All Black Everything supports Invisible Children

For nearly three decades, a civil war has raged in Uganda. The war has been given little attention and support because we've remained unaware young children and their families that have succome to the wreckless violence dealt by rebel armies. Invisible Children is an organization who seeks to lend a voice and hand to those affected by the war and to raise awareness to an issue that has been left to fester far to long.

In an effort to combat these injustices and give back, IPO partners to help the Invisible Children cause and presents the "All Black Everything" campaign. Support by purchasing an All Black Everything Tee. It's a t-shirt with a purpose. It offers support to those in need, as well as celebrating of our lives, our history, and how far we'll go.

Birds of a feather..

As the old adage dictates, "Birds of a Feather Flock Together." Elegance, innovation, and a sense of intrigue fuse to create the foundation for a group that has set out to inspire and enlighten minds. Initial Public Offering seeks to be an integral part of the lifestyles of young, influential men and women. IPO brings a style that is enveloped in both heritage and progression. IPO has an original hustler’s spirit while maintaining a youthful swagger and awareness. We like to call it "Old money mentality meets new money attitude."

Many brands come and go but few have been able to withstand the turbulence of the industry and maintain the integrity of their names. We have found that there is a need for a Street-Smart Conservative brand that plays to classic American styling but that makes it not only accessible but relevant to a generation of witty, youthful, and professional individualist. It is the goal of IPO to carve out a niche as a lifestyle brand that compliments the complex individual style that many make for themselves.